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Ellos Design

Ellos Design online store that focuses on selling handmade artwork, for example: Scrap frame, Scrap book, and Art drawing. Ellos Design also sells other needs and art tools, such as: Canvas, figurines, oil paint, watercolor, brushes and others. Which can make it easier for people to find art tools to access the Ellos Design website.

Academic Information System
SMAN 14 Bekasi

Users of information in schools include users such as students, teachers and staff. In managing academic data, most schools still use manual management systems or have used computers but have not used the internet. The system certainly has a lot of weaknesses, the implications of which are weak system administrators, waste of energy, less optimal service and poor quality data.

Interior Design
PT. Bitka Mitra Andalan

Introduce us PT. Bitka Mitra Andalan & Partners convey greetings, hopefully you are pleased to receive us join in the company Mr / Ms in the field of interior work and furniture. Starting in June 1988 in the same field of activity together with friends founded CV. Studio 10 Waringin Owner at that time, came from Bank Harapan Sentosa, Bank Internasional Indonesia, Bank Windu Kencana, Exim Bank, Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Individuals.

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SMP AL-Kautsar Bekasi

SMP AL-Kautsar Bekasi Education Program provides an opportunity for elementary school and MI GRADUATE to study at SMP AL-Kautsar Bekasi, Developing Education and providing good and moral teaching. SMP AL-Kautsar Bekasi has education staff and education potential, competent and experienced with S1 and S2 education qualifications and possessing certificates and certificates.

Online Store
Nasi Box Enak

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